Transforming California House


More than £78,000 raised already towards the £150,000 we need to transform California House.


More than 20 years ago California House was started by us to improve the lives of people with learning disabilities and their families.


Every day of the year California House provides 5 beds for our guests to stay in comfort whilst their parents have a rest or need to be able to attend to the rest of the family or any other emergency. Every year the needs of our clients become more complex and funding gets more difficult to find.  


California House supports 75 people a year to give families a vital rest and support families in crisis. Over the last few years our guests have and are presenting with more complex needs – as the population ages and more people are cared for in the community. We need to upgrade California House to meet those needs and in these difficult financial times we can only do this with your help.


What we are going to do?  We are going to create a therapeutic and sensory bathroom to ease peoples’ pain and stress. We are going to create two sitting rooms with IT and sensory areas to allow those with complex needs and anxiety to relax. We are going to create an accessible kitchen so people can learn living skills to support their own care.


To be able to continue with the success we have had in the house we desperately need to raise £150,000 to improve the house so we can continue to improve the lives of those with the most complex needs.


· We need additional space to accommodate  wheelchairs

· We need a therapeutic bath to soothe sore limbs

· We need a sensory room  to support those who are stressed and agitated

· We need an accessible kitchen to teach independent living skills


We hope you would like to raise funds for this vital project; contact the office with your ideas


So far members and friends have organised concerts, taken part in

Gelt Gladiator and run in the Great North Run.






Upcoming Events

family fund

Date: 2nd May Location: People First Conference Centre Milbourne Street.

A Family Fund information day takes place at the People First conference Centre on 2nd May.

60s disco

Date: 20th April Location: Morton Manor

We are having a 60's disco to celebrate our 50th anniversary. Everyone welcome.

Take Control

Date: 20th March Location: Tullie House Carlisle

You are invited to come along and support our members to launch their film on hate crime and get involved in an important conference,

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