Transforming California House

 California House is our adult centre in north carlisle. The work on the extension is £164,675 plus VAT of £38,700 (!) - so the total cost is £203,375 and we still need to raise £60,000 of this. The extension and overhaul needed for several reasons: Bathroom is in urgent need of repair and overhaul. In fact, the cost of the new bathroom – including installation and equipment – is £25,036 alone!
Clients are living longer, with more complex needs. So the expansion is vitally needed. Complex behaviours means need more space – for instance new sensory room, two sittings rooms etc. Premature babies living longer so need use of our children’s services AND our adult services – hence why we need to be able to look after more adults and therefore the urgent need to expand California House. Examples of specific vital items and their costs include: Therapeutic baths = £15,000; Automated Specialist shower seat = £3,000; Specially adapted oven for kitchen = £1,500. So any cash help, large or small, is gratefully received. Contact Carlisle Mencap on 01228 674393 or email


Upcoming Events

Raffle draw draws near

Date: 31st January Location: Carlisle Mencap

THURSDAY January 31 is the day that the Carlisle Mencap Festive Raffle draw takes place - still time to buy tickets!

Support our talented acts!

Date: 1st February Location: Harraby Catholic Club, Edgehill Road, Carlisle

COME along and support the acts who will be taking to the stage at Harraby Catholic Club on Friday February 1 for our Carlisle Mencap's Got Talent show!

February Disco

Date: 20th February Location: Harraby Catholic Club, Edgehill Road, Carlisle

ANOTHER of our popular discos will take place on Wednesday February 20 at Harraby Catholic Club in Carlisle.

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