help California House

Date: 25th September Location: Morrisons, Kingstown Road, Carlisle

We need helpers to bag pack at Morrisons on 8th October. The money raised will go towards the funds to transform California House. 

We want to extend the house to include 2 sitting rooms, new accessible kitchen, therapeutic bathroom, IT and sensory areas.

If you can spare any time to help on the 8th please contact the office on 01228 674393. Thank you.

Upcoming Events

Support Peter

Date: 1st October Location: Carlisle

Peter is running in his uniform to help us.

help California House

Date: 8th October Location: Morrisons, Kingstown Road, Carlisle

Can you spare a little time to help raise money to transform California House.

Remembering Callum

Date: 2nd October Location: The Grace Little centre

All those who remember Callum Todd are invited to celebrate his life at a memorial day at Grace Little Centre

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